#Football Remembers

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‘Football Remembers’ is a series of events to commemorate the First World War and the 1914 Christmas Truce football match, commencing this weekend.

The idea is essentially to take a pre-match photo before kick-off.  The photo is meant to be informal with players from the two sides mixed together.  Photos can then be uploaded via social media using the hashtag #FootballRemembers and will appear on the www.FootballRemembers.com website.   The aim of the website is to act as a moment of national record of football in 2014, a century on from the First World War.  The ’Moment in History’ photos will be preserved for future generations.

Further details are attached and can be found at www.FootballRemembers.com

It would be great to see some Newhall teams taking part!

Lee CantrillLee Cantrill
05 Dec 2014 08:12

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