Morrisons Bag Packaging

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Many thanks to everyone involved in this years Morrisons bag packing.

Below are a few kind comments received from customers on the "I Love Swad" facebook page.

After a very stressful, miserable trip around Morrisons today it was lovely getting to the tills to be greeted by the smiling faces of Newhall FC. Thanks for packing my bags and good luck with the fund raising. Merry Christmas to you all.
Cheryl Greatorex Yes they were polite, even packed my bags how I wanted them
Donna Grimsley I asked for a certain way too. Lovely lads.
John Greatorex We were impressed. They won contributions from both of us!!
Shaun Woollett Many thanks for your contributions! Happy New Year to you all from Newhall FC.
John Greatorex Don't often hear back from a charity you've donated to! Much appreciated!!!
Donna Grimsley I can't speak highly enough of these boys. Happy new year to them and Newhall FC


Shaun WoollettShaun Woollett
02 Jan 2014 21:30

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