Coaches pub get together Friday October 11th

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Hi all,

A few of us were discussing reviving the old coaches nights out after the last managers meeting and I thought it best to canvass some thoughts for how many would be up for a few beers the Friday before the next Managers Meeting, 11th October.

Let me know if you're interested.



Chris TurnerChris Turner
15 Sep 2013 22:03

This is a great idea, but sadly I am away that night. would be up for something later in that month though, perhaps the 26th?



Chris  BarlowChris Barlow
16 Sep 2013 08:21

I'd be up for that Chris T.

C'mon, who else can get a pass out?


Lee CantrillLee Cantrill
16 Sep 2013 19:12

I'm up for it !

Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
16 Sep 2013 20:05

Anymore takers?

Chris TurnerChris Turner
19 Sep 2013 21:43

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