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Hi All .

As I mentioned at the last Club meeting my future Son in Law Anthony has recently started his second tour of Afghanistan with the Engineers Regiment .

Anthony is a smashing lad and is known to several of you around Newhall FC as he has been involved in helping out with various events over the years .

My daughter and myself put together some shoe boxes full of various goodies to send out to Ant and his mates as home comforts are few and far between .

The Goodies have to be cased in Shoe Box size containers and hence should any parents be wanting to get rid of any shoe boxes please pass them to your team manager and we will put them to good use .

A few people have expressed an interest in filling a shoe box themselves to send off . That would be a lovely gesture and should anyone want further information  please contact me and i will give you further details .



Mark AdamsonMark Adamson
13 Sep 2012 13:38



What kind of items are best appreciated in the boxes?



Chris  BarlowChris Barlow
13 Sep 2012 19:42

The guys and girls are appreciative of anything thats sent - Ant and his mates are football mad so anything football related is always welcomed .

Apparently the food is not best out there so tins of 'breakfast in a tin ' , Goblin Burgers , Pot Noodles , Biscuits , Sweets , Cakes ( tho bear in mind the boxes take 2 weeks to get to the guys and girls ) . Shower Gels are always welcome along with magazines , books etc .


I would say that if anyone does wish to send a box - however small could they find the time to drop a few lines in a letter  as the troops love to hear from home - even from strangers . And thankyou to anyone who helps in any way - however small it is appreciated .  



Mark AdamsonMark Adamson
14 Sep 2012 11:18


My lad has put a box together with a card inside and I have some other old shoe boxes you can have too.

Please drop me a text or give me a call to arrange collection/drop off.



Chris  BarlowChris Barlow
14 Sep 2012 19:14

I have also made up a shoe box and have asked the team for any donations.  I will bring my box to training on Tuesday and pass on any other donations if I get any.



Wendy KeachWendy Keach
15 Sep 2012 17:11

We received a letter of thanks last week from one of the troops out in Afganistan, they greatly appreciate these boxes and their contents.

Chris  BarlowChris Barlow
17 Oct 2012 11:31

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