RESPECT Briefing for Parents & Supporters

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Given that all teams will now be marked on RESPECT/Sportsmanship by the opposing team, with marks out of 100 submitted on the match sheets, I will be asking all my team's parents and supporters to sign that they have received a RESPECT briefing and agree to abide by the RESPECT Code of Conduct.

I have created a simple declaration and signature form to hand around at training and at our early matches for the parents to sign, if anyone would like a copy of the form then please let me know.

Alternatively, perhaps Shakey could add the form to the downloadable Documents and Forms section of our new website.


Lee CantrillLee Cantrill
04 Sep 2012 13:56

That wouldn't be a problem Lee, could you forward it to the committee for them to just have a glance at first then Dave B or myself will upload it to the site.


Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
04 Sep 2012 15:54

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