Oversetts road container

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This was touched on at the meeting on Sunday night but obviously we had a lot to get through. The container has again become very untidy and the amount of goals in there make it a real challenge to get any equipment out for training sessions, now I can get some of the tournament goals stored away with the rest of our tournament gear but how many goals do we think we need left in the container ?. Also are we scrapping the big goals or is someone going to try and sell them ?.

Any thoughts ?


Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
03 Sep 2012 23:35



I would say we only need a max of 4 goals in the container and think it has been mentioned before to scrap the big goals, just needs someone to sort that out i guess.



Chris  BarlowChris Barlow
05 Sep 2012 22:37

Yeah not sure if they tourney goals will fit in my van, any idea how wide they are ? 

Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
06 Sep 2012 23:13

Not sure mate, think they are 2.44m x 1.2m.Which is standard.

Chris  BarlowChris Barlow
07 Sep 2012 11:22

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