Hello match reporters and welcome to our website,


Hopefully you will all find this very simple but if you are struggling at all then please contact admin via the contact us section. As you may already know there's the facility to add photos to your match report, however it is very important that you don't put names next to that photo. There's no set rule on how much or little your write it's just fantastic that you take the time to file a report, thus making the whole website a greater experience.


When you do type up your match reports it would be better if you do this on the website rather than a word document then copying and pasting it in, this will make all the text the same font and size. However if you really must type it up on word or something similar then you must follow the correct procedure for copy and paste, if you don't then your text will basically look messy, different fonts and size all over the page.

Before you read on please log in if not already done so and click on "file a match report".

So let's say you have created your report on word and copy it in the normal way BUT when you come to paste DON'T RIGHT CLICK, go to the tool bar and click on the clipboard icon, a window will pop up which you need to right click in and then paste as plain text or just paste, then click ok. Once you have done that you can space it out however you want it, and if you don't want to add photos provided you have filled in all the other fields such as teams and score then click submit changes.

Job done !


If you did want to add photos to your report then make sure your photos are resized to 350 pixels wide max, place your curser where you want the picture to be, click on the image icon (a little house and sunshine) on the toolbar. Now you have options, if you want to upload one of your own photos then click upload then browse, this will send you to your own computer files where you previously saved your picture, simply find it double click the photo and click send it to the server.

The other option is to use a photo that's already been uploaded to the server, to do this click on image info then click browse the server, you can then choose one of the images you see.

Right your picture is there for you to see so now type what the photo is in the alternative text space or you can leave it blank if you wish. You now have three options, you can have your image in the middle of the page with text underneath, you can have the image to the left of the page with text to the right and bellow or you can have the image to the right with text on the left and bellow. If you want the image in the middle just click ok, Submit changes, adjust image position if you need to, but if you want one of the other options then do this:

Image on the left.

click the advance button then in the third box down labeled style sheet classes enter this code: img_floatleft

Then click ok, then click submit changes and your done 


Image on the right.

click the advance button then in style sheet classes type this code: img_floatright

then click ok and then submit changes and your done.


This kind of effect I think looks best, it's a lot like a newspaper report and adds a bit of class to the report, but like I said before even two lines of text is better than nothing at all.


Have fun and any problems just let me, Admin know via the contact us page.


Phil Shakespeare







08 Sep 2012

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