Newhall FC Launch New Playing Philosophies

After a club-wide consultation, Newhall FC are pleased to launch their new playing philosophies ahead of the new 2018.19 grass roots season.

It is a statement for all our coaches to develop their own bespoke and individualised coaching programmes. Newhall FC playing philosophy is split between the Foundation Phase (ages 5-11) and the Youth Development Phase (12-18).


Foundation Phase

We aim to develop players technically; playing a possession-based game through the thirds of the pitch but always looking for opportunities to attach.  Out of possession we will try and win the ball back quickly.

Players will use matches to practice what they have learnt in training.


Youth Development Phase

We aim to develop players tactically; as a team we aim to be defensively organised and recognise when to press the opposition.  In possession we will try and play quickly with clever movement and support play.

We will link training sessions to match days.






12 Aug 2018

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