Newhall U10 Tigers (1) v Ashby Ivanhoe (4)

Steven Hawtin

Match report by

Steven Hawtin
Date filed: 22 Sep 2014

Played: 20th September 2014

Game Summary
7' - Goal by Ashby Ivanhoe player

11' - Goal by Ashby Ivanhoe player

20' - Goal by Ashby Ivanhoe player

23' - Goal by Ashby Ivanhoe player

37' - Goal by Charlie Starkey (Newhall)

Man Of The Match Matthew Hawtin.


With A full compliment of playes for the days game and some promising training sessions we were quietly confident of a good result, however this proved not to be the case when we ended up being 3 goals at half time.

A poor decision gave Ashby a free kick from distance as the ref had deemed Matty to of triped the Ashby player running toward the touchline, when infact the player tripped himself up. So Ashby scored from the Free kick which beat Ewan who had no chance as it was righ in the top corner.

Daniel intercepted a pass between the Ashby defenders and broke for goal only to have the ball nicked of his toe at the last minute by the recovering defender.

We had a good couple of chances created by max down the right but we were jut unable to ball in and was made to pay as Ashby took ther chances to lead 3-0 at half time.

The second half we made some changes and started  well but Ashby broke away to make if 4

We then woke up and bombarded the Ashby goal with Jospeh Rawbon leaping at the far post heading just wide of the goal from a Lewis Millward Corner.

We also had Liam hit the post Charie Starkey hit just wide and Matthew hit one from distance which just went wide.

Brandon was forced into some good saves and strted to command his box by charging the attacker down preventing a shot.

It was a very entertaining game to watch and it was a pitty we didn't take our chances because the score did not reflect how good a game it realy was.

We need to remember to hold our postions and be availale to recieve a pass and not watchin the game on the next pitch!

Bring on Belvedere next week!



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Another good report Steve. Keep your heads up tigers. Well done Matty for getting man of the matchVickyVicky
22 Sep 2014 20:09

Lots of effort and we really should've beaten this team. Another great goal Charlie and great performance from matty well written Steve .

Richard StarkeyRichard Starkey
27 Sep 2014 16:33

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