Newhall U9 Tigers (2) v Marlborough Rovers (1)

Jonathan Millward

Match report by

Jonathan Millward
Date filed: 16 Mar 2014

Played: 15th March 2014

This was a game that was very pleasing on the eye and was a pleasure to watch for those who had the opportunity to witness it. We passed the ball extremely well and also held our positions which we had been working on in this weeks training. The main thing we have been working on in recent weeks is creating goal scoring opportunities and these came in abundance with Charlie Tomlinson having lots of chances. The first goal was scored by Joseph Rawbon with a ball delivered by Lewis Millward. The second goal coming from Charlie Starkey who also won man of the match. Defenders Matthew Hawtin and Joseph Hill paired well again clearing alot of balls and starting the attack from the back on a number of occasions.

Well done boys keep it up.

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Nice Jonathan . Best game I've seen the boys play well done .

Richard StarkeyRichard Starkey
22 Mar 2014 16:12

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