Newhall U9 Tigers (6) v Doveridge (0)

Steven Hawtin

Match report by

Steven Hawtin
Date filed: 25 Jan 2014

Played: 25th January 2014

Our first game back for the new year so we wern't expecting the best performance on a tricky pitch especially at 9:00 in the morning when our boys like to sleep. However we had a team that were ready for the occasion and passed the ball around well and worked as a unit giving our Goalkeeper one of the quietist games he'd ever had. A great performance all round with some great goals scored and as coaches we couldnt ask or more.

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Well done boysjayjay
25 Jan 2014 12:44

Wat a great team effort moving around the pitch as a unit and some great individual skills

Richard StarkeyRichard Starkey
25 Jan 2014 12:49

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