Newhall U15 Lions (9) v newhall u15 cougars (0)

Brian  Hughes

Match report by

Brian Hughes
Date filed: 12 Nov 2012

Played: 11th November 2012




This was the first league meeting since u11s ,both teams in division 1 .at the same time ever both teams in need of the points .

Cougars kicked the game off but lions were soon on the attack jammo breaking up the right & smashing the ball straight over wills head & in the net 1-0 lions with only 1.20 on the clock .lions took complete control of the game & soon were 2-0 uo jammo again the scorer. fantastic start for lions ,only 20 minutes gone , cougars struggling to get the ball out there half .every lions playing really well all over the pitch .lions let a few chances go begging callan e & callum a both going close . but it was left to skinny who thundered late in 2 the box from a corned & burried the ball in the net 3=0 & cougars heads were droping all over the pitch & still 10 minutes left of 1st half . cougars did try to attack but never threatenend our goal .

HT 3-0 LIONS .

 The second half got off to a cracking start callum a scroing 4- 0 .it only took lions 3 more minutes to make it 5-0 brilliant strike from alex ,25 yards out ,                                                          taylor made it 6-0 soon after  cracking goal. lions pushing cougars back all over the pitch ,& when skinny found him self in the box jake b dived in at skinny the ref gave lions a penalty , max who takes our penalties handed it over to foxy ,foxs 1st penalty & hes smashed it right in bottom corner well done to max & jack team work mckay style ,7-0 .lions were not done there callum a baged another goal making it 8-0 ,it was left to taylor 2 wrap up the scoring making it 9-0 & game over ..

.parents player callan e , brilliant ,managers player taylor never stoped , goals jammo 2, taylor 2 , callum a 2 , skinny 1, foxy 1 alex 1  , 

well done 2 all lions player you all gave 100% fantastic team performance , attendance 32 many thanks 4 all your support 



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well after that u av said it all pal,get in there welldone boys,proud 2 be part ov the team

james mckayjames mckay
12 Nov 2012 17:55

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