Newhall U7 Lions (0) v Marlborough Rovers Yellow (0)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 07 Nov 2012

Played: 3rd November 2012

A much improved performance was witnessed by everyone this Saturday and the training and development which has been done is starting to take shape.

All players seem to really enjoy the game which saw us have more shots on target than the previous games played and a much better proportion of the game taking place attacking rather than defending. A well worked goal was also seen. A few late goals from Marlborough made the scoreline look worse than what we had seen.

Jenson performed well in goal when shots were taken at him and pulled of a few really good saves.

Logan was made Captain for the day and he took to this brilliantly. He took plently of knocks during the game but kept jumping back up and continued to attack and defend brilliantly.

Tommy contined to excel with his skills and dribbling which got good remarks from the opposition coach.

Noah was full of energy and put in some great tackles and had a number of very good shots during the game.

Daniel & Freya continue to develop and it is good to see them starting to get tackles in on the opposition like they do in training and it is clear to see the confidence is starting to increase each week.

Lets look forward to Saturday with the early 9:30 kick off against Midway.

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Great to hear of the young Lions progress under Grahams guidance - ive seen most of the games and its been clear that opponents have played matches prior to the league season whereas the Lions are finding their eet and improving week by week .


And more importantly playing with a smile on their face .


Well done all .

Mark AdamsonMark Adamson
08 Nov 2012 08:14

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