Newhall U16 Panthers (1) v LRT (2)

Dave Saunders

Match report by

Dave Saunders
Date filed: 05 Nov 2012

Played: 4th November 2012

LRT 2   Panthers1Newhall




We started the game of really well both teams having equal possession ,we got the first goal 10 mins in from Mitchell Holllis

the lads played very well we competed in every part of the game.LRT then scored on 30mins making half time 1-1

Second half started as the first half finished our midfield players passed the ball around very nicely giving Mitch and Sam several chances on goal ,we did everything but score .LRT wernt so unlucky and scored the final goal with 15mins to go .The panthers pushed and pushed put it wasn't our day


overall a great game of  football

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