Newhall U16 Panthers (2) v Branston U16 (1)

Dave Saunders

Match report by

Dave Saunders
Date filed: 07 Oct 2012

Played: 7th October 2012



A big improvement on last weeks performance by all the team. We started the game very strongly with good passing of the ball.  We had a few good chances on goal resulting in Sam Evans scoring on 7 mins.  We continued to pressure them resulting in another goal from Sam evans at 15 minutes. We kept excellent pressure all the first half. Second half we relaxed slightly resulting in them scoring. We upped our game again. Mitchell Hollis scored a goal but was disallowed but we kept going and was awarded a penalty at 70 mins but unfortunately the goalie saved it.

A much deserved win for all the team.



Attendance 32

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well done Dave, I keep watching with interest well done the Under 16's again!

Big RonBig Ron
07 Oct 2012 17:41

Well done lads, well deserved win.

Wendy KeachWendy Keach
07 Oct 2012 21:57

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