Newhall U16 Panthers (3) v Repton (5)

Dave Saunders

Match report by

Dave Saunders
Date filed: 30 Sep 2012

Played: 30th September 2012


           Repton casual blue 5 Newhall Panthers 3


          A disapointing third game for the Panthers after a great performance last week .Repton took the first goal with a second goal coming from a unfair penalty with in fifteen minites ,we then settled down and started to move the ball around with Mitch Hollis scoring on the eighteenth and twenty second minite.We then took the lead with Lewis Jones on thirty minites ,Repton then replyed with another goal just before the half time whistle.


Second half started slowly for Newhall giving Repton two easy goals ,we then started to pick our game up but it was to later as Repton defended very well .The panthers had a very good last ten minites i dont know how the ball didnt go in the back of the net but it just wouldnt .



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