Newhall U15 Lions (1) v marlborough rovers (-5)

Brian  Hughes

Match report by

Brian Hughes
Date filed: 30 Sep 2012

Played: 30th September 2012


  Lions got off 2 a cracking start and took the lead after only 2 minutes on the clock gr8 move by jammo passing 2 callum a who put the ball through 2 alex who slotted it in the net 1-0 lions ,, lions held on untill 17 minutes 1-1 , lions soon went 2-1 . lions did not give up & jammo broke though & scored only 2 be called off side NO WAY  ,but the ref said different this was a bad blow 4 lions ,lions again got the ball in the net by the way of jammo again ruled off side bit 2 close 2 call , lions batteld hard but marlborough scored 2 more be 4 halftime HT 4-1 DOWN  ,


SECOND HALF lions this half playing with the wind but chances were few & far between , lions pushed hard 2 get back in the game but it was 2 much 2 ask ,marlborough scored a fifth 5 - 0 & game over 4 lions , well done 2 all the lads gr8 team effort , PARTENTS PLAYER RHYS ,COACHES PLAYER  CALLUM   A , HEADS UP BOYS 

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Was always going to be although match against Marlborough but sounds like 

lions held up well.


Nice to see you have got the hang of the match reporting system Brian. Love the colours!

Dave BantonDave Banton
30 Sep 2012 19:57

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