Newhall U9 Lions (7) v Mayfield (1)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 24 Sep 2014

Played: 20th September 2014

Another brilliant performance was put in by the Lions who are certainly showing what i know they are capable of.

Unfortunetly i was not able to watch all the game as i went over and took the Under 7's this week but Simon got the team playing well as a team again.

Logan was in goal again this week and although not having much to do, certainly pulled off a great save when it was asked and i am told his face after pulling this off was a picture of joy which also saw him leap out for joy!

The two Daniels continue to play in defence and again put in some good tackles when required and started off moves by pushing the ball forward. Daniel Burt aslo putting in a few fantastic headers which i hope was a result of the traininig done on this during the week. When i did get back to the match it was good to see Daniel Earp controlling a fast moving ball, before looking up and putting a great ball forward to Tommy on the edge of the Mayfield box. At times they pushed up a little to far as they want to get there names on the scoresheet but they really should acknowledge the performance they are doing for the team as it is a team game and although there names are not on the scoresheet they are doing there roles really well (and Logan) in stopping the opposition.

The forward four of Harrison, Noah, Tommy and Tyler continue to link up fantastically well and all have a great work ethic which is now breading confidence through the team. We still need to do a little work on more teamwork and passing into spaces but take nothing away from the performance that they are putting in as some of it is great. All have confidence to take players on and all are getting confident in the shots being taken on goal.

Harrison added to his goal last week with a brilliant free kick.

Noah also added another goal to his two from last week. Tyler scored another two and was unfortunate not to score more on what i saw. Tommy got his second hat trick of the season and took his goals really well again and his trickery on the ball is so hard for the opposition.

Well done all, you are making both Simon and myself and I'm sure the parents watching very proud in the way we are working as a team.

The scary thing is we can improve more so continue to listen and develop in the areas we train on and bring these into the matches and you will see further progress being made.

Keep it up.

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