Newhall U15 Lions (10) v Mayfield U 15 (1)

Ron Evans-Brookes

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Ron Evans-Brookes
Date filed: 21 Sep 2014

Played: 21st September 2014


Newhall had a weeks break and we all wondered how they would start today but they pushed on right from the kick off and dominated the play before finally getting their rewards in a one sided game in glorious conditions for football in front of a massive home following today. Already we are seeing a team emerging this early in the season that can go a long way in this division, the additions coupled with a large hardcore of players who have been at the club a long time are making it competitive to want to play, and it is difficult with the number of changes that have to be made to give everyone a game to keep everyone happy, but the lads are not moaning they are getting on with it and they are really building up a togetherness that's great to see from the sidelines.

On a personal note this is my last report for the team and that is sad as I have enjoyed every moment of reporting but It is proving to difficult for me to get all the details together, running the line at the age and standard these lads play at is harder and I just simply cannot remember it all, so if someone would like to come forward it would be a big help to Phil and Sam, it is a rewarding role, and I would urge anyone who cares about this team watching from the sidelines to step forward to take the task on.

Anyway on with the report, and like last week the standard of the goals and play was awesome, Newhall took their time to settle but they sussed their opponents out before going on the rampage with 5 goals of a high standard in footballing terms, the midfield 2 whoever was in the mix today completely dominated and this allowed the forwards and wingers to run the Mayfield backline ragged at times, they didn't know whether they were coming and going, it could have been a more devastating half time scoreline than it finished.

Half Time: Newhall 5 Mayfield 0

Phil and Sam had an easy team talk at half time, the game was won and they just asked the lads to go out and express themselves a little bit more and enjoy their football, they certainly chilled out that's a fact, at times too much dwelling on the ball unecessarily and overplaying occasionally but when they had to step it up they did and went on to score another 5 goals after Mayfield had responded with a conslation, once again it was more about Newhall gifting them a goal then Mayfield creating it. However, the changes that are having to be made to get everyone involved will disrupt things a little bit in terms of the back line holding firm higher up the pitch but this isn't a criticism it's just something that will have to be worked on further as we progress as injuries will occur and everyone involved in the defence will need to be sure of their roles when they are asked to step on the field.

Some of the overall passing, possession and creativity today was exceptional from the whole team, Newhall were also able to change their set up throughout today in a live game which isn't easy to do, but like I have said earlier in the report, this team are a team with great individuals in it but they are gelling as a unit, things will only get better if they keep this level of performance and concentration up.

Final Score: Newhall 10 Mayfield 1

Phil & Sam's Summary: Phil told the lads that he was proud at what he saw today, a team committed to each other and at times the football was excellent for this level, some of the goals were stunning and the rest were a team effort, a mention for Jake's effort for the 10th as it was so well placed with his left foot from the edge of the box, but Mcklane's belter from the edge of the box was just as satisfying to watch. Sam couldn't really add anything but to make the lads aware that it was how they started the game today that pleased him, so many times in the past we have been slow to start and today was a different attitude and belief.

Linesman's Viewpoint: Maybe I was a little harsh after the first game to text Phil with some of the things that displeased me, but it is always for the good of the team that I express my feelings, I am passionate about this team, and although there is still some work to be done, it is starting to look like a really good mix of quality coupled with gritty determination that is in abundance so far in the 2 games to date, it is early as Phil quite rightly pointed out to me 2 weeks ago, but already some of the good work in training is starting to show on the field. Some great football today which I am sure the many who turned out to witness enjoyed and a big thank you to the parents for helping out with the nets, It is appreciated, I just really hope someone steps up to continue the reports with the same neutral input I have always tried to put into them, it is a chance to become part of a great team so please someone step forward to take the task on.

Phil asked me to name Man of The Match today and it was a surprise as it hadn't been discussed but there were several good all round performances today from McKlane, James, Aaron, Jake C, and Lewis, but the person who had the most effect on the game's outcome and who drove the team on in the first 40 minutes was Brad P.

Man Of The Match: Brad P.

Scorers Today: Aaron 4, Jake C 2, McKlane 2, Tyler and James

Next Game: Sunday 28th Home to Rolleston 10.30 am Kick Off





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Thanks for all the fantastic match reports Ron i know Dave Keach, Sam and myslef have always enjoyed reading them and it really is greatly appreciated.


Well done boyson another cracking game, keep up the good work and keep smiling !



Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
24 Sep 2014 19:02

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