Newhall U15 Lions (12) v Winshill Green (3)

Ron Evans-Brookes

Match report by

Ron Evans-Brookes
Date filed: 07 Sep 2014

Played: 7th September 2014


Another warm and sunny start to the campaign today, it was great to see both teams well supported in glorious conditions at the Lions new home at Eureka Park this morning, and Newhall went on to win their opener in style in a new look 1 division Under 15's league that has seen a few dominating teams of the past move onto to other divisions. So 26 games to look forward to with an extra 10 minutes to play makes it an interesting spectacle to look forward to this season.

Newhall started the brighter and although they had nothing to show for their dominance in the first 20 minutes their defence handled anything that got thrown at them from this experienced Winshill side, and they went on to go ahead with 2 superbly created goals from the wings, and a third after a Winshill reply to take them into the break ahead.

Half Time: Newhall 3 Winshill 1

Newhall needed to start the second half brightly after they nearly conceded a second right on half time, and the next goal was an important one, not that Winshill had created that much, in fact the majority of their play was long ball whereas Newhall were creating chances from some great football being played down the flanks, when Newhall made the pitch big they stretched Winshill to the limits, and thier fitness showed in the second half being more alert and sharper to respond to danger, they basically swept Winshill aside to go on and secure the win.

It would be great if I could re-run all the goals but there was that much football being played by Newhall I would be here all night to write this report, the goals came from Aaron (3), James (3), Jake(2), Mcklane, Luke, Tyler and Ollie and it could have been more, so dominent were Newhall all over the pitch, many of these goals could have been goal of the game they were all that well crafted from a football perspective.

Full Time: Newhall 12 Winshill 3

Manager and Coaches Summary: Phil and Sam heaped praise on the lads as a unit, and drummed into them how they need to take a lot of confidence from their performance today, and if they can keep their all round play at this standard they should go on to do well, Winshill are a good side but Phil said the result will make a few sit up and take note.

Man Of The Match: Liam: he never put a foot wrong from left back defending to attacking as a wing half, well done Liam!

Linesman's viewpoint: A great game today lads, well done, lots of positives but some work in progress at the back with the changes to personnel making it difficult to get a solid foundation to the back four in terms of holding the line, my feeling is that if we stop the goals, as we gave them theirs today, the rest of the team will do their job to win the game.

Next Game: Sunday 21st September Mayfield (H) at 10.30 am unless otherwise notified.





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