Newhall U15 Lions (2) v Marlborough Black U 15's (1)

Ron Evans-Brookes

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Ron Evans-Brookes
Date filed: 31 Aug 2014

Played: 31st August 2014



Newhall gathered a team together for a last minute notified friendly with Marlborough's original opponents letting them down at the eleventh hour, but it was down to the bare 11 for Newhall today, and the lads deserve the result and all the plaudits for sticking to their task today against a quality side who probably thought we would be easier opponents today.

It's fair to say that Marlborough had by the stats far more chancs than Newhall did, but the manner in which Newhall won the game must leave a lot to be desired from their opponents, and the 2 strikes from Aaron were well engineered from a footballing pespective, several players playing their part in the build up, Ollie was totally unselfish in both cases in setting Newhall on their way to remarkable victory.

Marlborough got a late goal and tried their hardest to find the equaliser but Newhall's heads never dropped after they conceded and they stayed strong in their concentration levels in tiring conditions, I don't think the 11 that played today could have wished for a better fitness tester than this ahead of their final friendly on Wednesday evening against Marlborough Yellow.

With Phil away, it was down to Sam to give the lads his verdict on what has to be one of the best Newhall performances I have seen in any of the games I have witnessed since 2010, He was right to point out that the whole team deservd the man of the match award today, no one shirked their responsibilities and no one gave up running, covering, and in amongst all of this endeavour Sam was right to say we played some great football at times.

It all bodes well for the new season with so many key players not available today, it was testamount to the guys who turned out to remind Phil on his return from Holiday just how good a squad he has at his disposal.

Well done Lads!

Next Game Wednesday Evening venue and time to be confirmed.






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Well lads from what I've been told we have some very very proud parents and coaches, I wish I could have been there to watch this game it sounds like a belter. We have prepared for this and I believe we have found a good balance to the team, with one or two tweeks on weds night in our final friendly I think we stand a strong chance of competing for the title. 


next friendly: away at Marlborough 6:30pm kick off.

venue: moira miners welfare - opp conkers waterside entrance 

Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
03 Sep 2014 11:00

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