Newhall U8 Lions (2) v Rocester Rogues (8)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 22 Feb 2014

Played: 22nd February 2014

What a pleasant change to have the sun shining again and playing football on grass for the first time in over a month.

The kids were full of energy after James gave them a full workout to wake them up.

The team today consisted of Callum as captain, Logan, Daniel, Tommy, Noah, Freya, CJ & Harrison.

Every single one of them should be proud of the performance which they put in this morning with lots of the work which we have been working on over the past few weeks being shown on the pitch.

Lots of passes, some great tackles and great team spirit was all being seen.

We dominated the possession for large parts of the game and were unfortunate not to get more goals than the two which were scored by Tommy and Noah. Both goals scored were very similar with breaking through the middle and calmly placing the ball into the net. It was great to see the goal which Noah scored as he had been unlucky on a few occasions in the game but when breaking through during the second half he cleared the defence and calmly looked up before placing the ball under the oncoming goalkeeper, which was exactly as we had discussed at half time. This brought a great smile to his face.

Lots of rotation was made throughout the game but everyone stuck to there roles on the pitch effectively.

Well done everyone and great to see a few new faces joing team over the past few weeks which i am looking forward to improving as the weeks progress.

Credit should be given to the Rocester players who really stuck to there game well as they had no subs. As described earlier there chances were being minimiised but when they did get chances they took them really well although at times our defenders were unfortunate in clearing the ball with ricochets and bounces going against us.

Hopefully the weather will now start to improve so we can continue to play.

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