Newhall U8 Lions (5) v Hilton Harriers Tigers (4)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 03 Nov 2013

Played: 2nd November 2013

What a brilliant game we witnessed this morning with both teams playing some fantastic football and it was a very enjoyable game for both sets of parents.

Our first half team was: GK Logan, D - Lewis, M - Jenson, Daniel & Corey

We had a bit of a change with me deciding to not play with an out an out striker. Instead i played with 3 in midfield who could get up and down the pitch which worked and suited us really well. Hilton started off really well and played some great football scoring a couple of goals with the second goal being a really well worked goal with them stringing a passing move starting at there keeper and moving all the way through the pitch with a finish passed Logan which was unstoppable. However, the team spirit of our players was fantastic to see and they produced a performance after this which saw us doing everything really well. We tackled well, pressed the opposition well, dribbled, passed and shot superbly.

Logan pulled off some fantastic saves thoughout the game as he played the whole game in goal. He was diving everywhere and is certainly testing the cleaning skills of my wife this week as he was covered in mud when he came off the pitch with a big smile on his face of how he had performed. He loves playing out of goal but stuck to his game today in goal and got better as each minute went by. He started each move off with a good pass out and like i say pulled off some great save against a very good Hilton side.

Lewis played the first half in defence and was controlling his tackles and blocking most things which came his way. He keeps his position brilliantly and breaks most attacks up and quickly gets the ball away to get us on the attack. More plus points this week from Lewis though was he put his foot on the ball when he had chance and played some lovely passes into the midfield. He was also unlucky not to get his name on the scoresheet from a couple of well struck free kicks which will become a trademark of him as he continues to develop.

Jenson, Daniel & Corey performed brilliantly getting up and down the pitch. They worked very well together with them all putting there tackles in. Jenson was made Captain for the day and put in a performance to remember for him. He is a constant danger when he is going forward as he drives forward with great power and is very difficult to stop when he is moving. He was rewarded with two fantastic strikes and was unlucky not to add to this. He also put passes into his team mates at times which again nearly resulted in goals for them. Daniel determination is clear for everyone to see as when he runs he shows so much desire to get there and win the ball. He is getting more comfortable on the ball and put in some good dribbles up the pitch and passing across to his team mates. He was very unlucky to see a great shot just of the post after he received a pass and steadying himself before putting his effort towards the corner of the net. Corey brought good balance to the three of them. He also put in some good runs with the ball and like Jenson when he gets moving on the ball he is very difficult to stop. He has good power in his running and a very good shot at the end of it and he also was unlucky not to get his name on the scoresheet this week as he saw a couple of efforts blocked well. He did his defensive work well and put in some very crucial tackles in to stop the Hilton strikers getting shots in.

The Second Half saw Jenson move into defence to replace Lewis and Noah, Kian and Freya come on into Midfield replacing Daniel & Corey.

Jenson showed a great attitude in his change of role and he should be very proud of this as he wanted to add to his goals from the first half but performed brilliantly for the team. He stopped everything coming through with good tackles and clearing the ball up the pitch to his team mates. He was very nearly rewarded with his hat trick goal late on when he broke away from a Hilton corner and running the whole length of the pitch, driving passed all the Hilton players before seeing his effort smack the post.

Noah, Kian and Freya came on and performed brilliantly in the midfield. Noah's energy on the pitch is unbelieable as he covers every single area of the pitch. He pressed constantly and never gave the opposition a moments peace on the ball. This high level energy and pressing results in him getting the ball in key area of the pitch and he certainly knows what to do when he gets there. His reward this week was his first ever hat trick as his shots were sent in with great direction and power. He was a constant menace and set up further chances to his team mates. He also got back helping Jenson out in defence and put in a great all round performance which i certainly think made his dad proud and all the other parents watching. Kian also is developing so much and his efforts at training on coming to show in a game situation. He is getting more comfortable on the ball and getting his tackles in well. He was so close to getting his name on the scoresheet as well as he dribbled the ball around a few of the Hilton defence and saw his effore saved by the Hilton keeper. Freya also enjoyed her role in the midfield as she certainly got to see more of the ball than she has done in previous games. She worked hard for the team and put in some very good tackles and passing to her team mates. Her battle was rewarded when she was tackling the Hilton midfield before passing the ball across to Noah to score the all important fifth goal for the team.

As i mention it was a very entertaining game and credit should also be given to the Hilton team which performed well and put a good fight up against us.

Well done everybody and see you in the week.

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