Newhall U8 Lions (6) v Marlborough Rovers Yellow (7)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 26 Oct 2013

Played: 26th October 2013

What a fantastic game was witnessed by everyone today and they certainly enjoyed a bucket load of goals.

With Marlborough only ableto get 4 players due to the Half Term week, i agreed with there manager for a player of ours to join up with them to keep the games at 5 a side. Lewis stepped into the Marlborough for the first hald and played exceptionally well. He did exactly what he has been doing on a regualr basis clearing up and pushing the ball up front with some fantastic clearance. He should be very proud of how he performed against us and certainly helped in stopping us scoring in how well he played.

Our first half team was Corey again lining up in goal and although conceding a few goals which he was very unformtuante about as some of the shots he could do nothing about. He pulled off a few very good saves and should be hapy with his first half performance.

Daniel was made captain for the day and played in defence really well again. His confindence is growing on the ball each week and he certainly put some good tackles, passes and now dribbling to his game. He also got his first goal in a league game today when he smacked the rebound of his penalty into the roof of the net and it was a joy to see him dancing off in celebration.

Noah and Jenson lined up in Midfield and they both possess such power in there game and are producing really good performances in all areas of the game. They were resulted in there hard work of running, tackling and passing with goals to there name. Noah scoring another two in the first half and was unlucky not to add to this as he again continued from last weeks game with hitting the post on a couple of occasions. Jenson scored a fantastic effort from just inside the half way line with a very powerful shot which i don't think any keeper would of stopped. He was also so unfortunate not to add to this as he also saw efforts hit the post again. I think we have now strick the woodwork 9 times in two games which is quite unbelievable really.

Freya played the first half up front and produced another improved performance. She continues to try everything to get in the game and got a couple of good touches and runs with the ball. She was really close to finishing off a move where Noah's cross was just side footed wide by Freya.

Freya swapped teams for the second hald and replaced Lewis. She also provided us with a great opponent and as the half progressed her confidence grew. She set up with a quick pass to one of the Marlborough players and resulted in a goal for them. She should also be very proud of her performance in both halves.

The Marlborough Manager was really impressed by both the players who filled in for him and was full of praise for how all our players performed in the game which was really nice to hear.

Jenson replaced Corey in goal and pulled off today a save which a professional keeper would be proud of. He outstretched hand stopped the ball going high into the net and his beaming smile after showed what he thought of it!!

Lewis came into our defence for the second half and carried on from where he left off when playing against us in the first half. He has so much power in his kicks it quickly turns a defensive position into an attacking one very quickly.

Logan and Corey played in the midfield and they were up and down the pitch putting tackles in and very pleasingly looking for passes when they could. They possess a lot of skill between them and now they are slowing down on the ball it is giving them more focus on passing and space which is certainly helping there game. Corey added another goal to his name as he stabbed a ball home from close range and was unfortunate not to get another couple really with the efforts he had. Logan played a brilliant team game today as he brought CJ into the game wherever possible when going forward. He was also unlcuky not to get his name on the scoresheet this week as his efforts seem to get blocked right near the area.

CJ had his a great game up front for us and his efforts were finally rewarded with his first goal for the team. He put his foot in well and pressed the opposition for tackles high into there hald which certainly helped his other team mates behind him. His first goal for the team came when he recieved the ball from the midlfield, taking a couple of touches before shooting from quite a distance. It is fair to say he did not connect as well as he has with other efforts but his reward was to see the ball finish in the bottom corner of the net and again his face was a picture to see! He also saw another couple of efforts blocked when he connected with his shots really well.

Well done everybody again and see you next week.

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