Newhall U8 Lions (0) v Winshill (8)

Graham Earp

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Graham Earp
Date filed: 12 Oct 2013

Played: 12th October 2013

A little bit of a football lesson was taught to us today with us learning that we need to keep our positions to get the best out of the game.

Starting with a team of Logan in Goal, Lewis in defence, Noah and Freya in Midfield and CJ up front. The game was played in poor rainy conditions which made it difficult to stand up and pass well. We were making all the good runs which we had been doing in training and were unfortunate on a number of occasions at not converting one of the chances with a goal. We seemed to want an extra touch or the ball would just run away on the wet surface.

We also seemed to be punichsed for every chance which Winshill got although Logan to pull a few very good saves off and it was an unfortunate deflection which led to the first goal against. CJ made some telling surges up front and again was unlucky not to get his name on the scoresheet and Noah continued to drive up and down the pitch and making a Captains performace with his energetic display. Freya put some good tackles in and managed to get the ball forward towards CJ on a regular basis. Lewis seemed to struggle a little with the bounce of the wet surface and got caught a couple of times out of position. He still managed to get a few good tackles in though and was unfortunate again not to get on the scoresheet with what are becoming trade mark free kicks.

Jenson was introduced half way through the first hald for a little bit of added tackling power and he came into the game well breaking up the game and making good runs forward. He was also unlucky not to get a goal on a number of occasions with his best chance probably coming from another free kick.

The Second Half saw Kian take the gloves again, Callum into defence and Daniel coming on up front. Kian pulled off a number of great saves during the half and was putting his body on the line to keep the ball out of the net. He was always getting the ball out into play early to the defence and midfield which is exactly how we have been training and was great to see.

Callum wasn't quite up to the standards he has set himself so far this season with him getting caught out of position a little at times and mistiming tackles. I certainly don't think the weather helped this bit much although he did get some good crunching tackles in and pushing the ball forward to the midfield.

Daniel played really well when he was introduced and made some great tackles and runs forward. The training on dribbling is certainly starting the show as he is getting far more comfortable on the ball and was always keen to suge forward and get a shot away at goal.

Later in the second hald Logan was brought on in midfield and put his energetic display on as always. He continues to drive forward when possible and we just need to get that head up now to reaps some rewards for the hard work.

A few late goals made it look a far worse scoreline that the match actually followed and i was very proud of how we continued to try and play. We brought into the game a number of things which we have worked on in training and may be with a little bit of luck and positional play, the score would have been totally different.

We have these games to make us learn more and we will take everything out of the game and continue to develop.

Keep it up all.


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Well done lions, just couldn't get a goal or two that the teams efforts warranted.

Keep up the good work Graham, superb job being done!


Martyn CollinsMartyn Collins
13 Oct 2013 19:20

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