Newhall U14 Lions (3) v Marlborough Rovers U 14 Yellow (2)

Ron Evans-Brookes

Match report by

Ron Evans-Brookes
Date filed: 01 Sep 2013

Played: 29th August 2013


With the season fast approaching Newhall have managed to get 2 more friendlies in before kick off on the 8th September, and oddly enough the first one tonight was against their opening opponents Marlborough on a warm windless night on a very dry but very large pitch.

This is all about getting fitness levels up and getting into the groove to get off to a decent start in the second tier of the U-14 Burton league, and Newhall showed enough in the first 35 minutes to suggest they can do just that being in relatively full control for the whole of the first half, lots of decent passing and spreading of play coupled with use of the full pitch made it tough for Marlborough.

They were chasing shadows to be fair for the majority of the first half and Marlborough found themselves 3-0 down at the break after 3 crafted goals from Ryan, Sean and Connor, it could have been more but good goalkeeping and off the mark finishing keeping it at 3-0 on half time.

It's often an over used cliche but it was a game of 2 halves as Marlborough made a fight of it and turned the tables on Newhall to dominate the second half, it wasn't as if Newhall didn't create chances they did, but got hit on the break for the 2 goals they conceded, it was a case of lack of concentration more than anything, coupled with sitting too deep for most of the second half.

Newhall hung on for the victory and in fairness overall they did deserve it on the basis they created a lot more chances than the opposition, and having not trained for a couple of weeks the fitness was good overall as they had just the one substitution available at any one time throughout the whole 70 minutes.

Final Score: Marlborough 2 Newhall 3

Summarising Phil and Dave commended the performance and the main points to consider were that they need to keep a check on the danger men in the opposition and stop turning into trouble with the ball to the middle of the field and keep it wide, that was the second half failing coupled with thinking the game was over and the lack of cover for each other as players stopped running, the first half was excellent.

Linesman's Viewpoint: Exactly as was summarised by Phil and Dave with the addition that they stopped talking and calling to each other in support on the ball, more noise from all as a team is still needed to keep the momentum going when they are in front. 

Next Game: Friendly Oversetts Road Wednesday 4th September Woodville Rangers U 14 6pm Kick Off



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