Newhall U13 Lions (3) v Barton Rovers Vikings U 13 (8)

Ron Evans-Brookes

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Ron Evans-Brookes
Date filed: 07 Apr 2013

Played: 7th April 2013


It's been a long hard season for the under 13's but it really showed today when they put in a very disppointing performance against 10 man Barton.

It was hard not to show the frustration off the pitch today when Newhall again took a very early lead only to surrender it to some really poor goals before they pulled one back just before the break, with Luke hitting the cross bar in between from a header when it looked easier to score, it was just one in a number of incidents that never ran Newhall's way.


Half Time : Newhall 2  Barton Rover Vikings 3

The half time talk was simple, just go out and play to enjoy the game and try to do some of the things that Phil had asked them to do in the first 35 minutes none of which had been accomplished in a very lazy first half showing.

It didn't get any better in the second 35 minutes as Newhall just seemingly gave up running for each other and lost the basics completely for much of the second half, and although Ben got a 3rd for Newhall to bring things back to 5-3, they never looked interested in taking the game on to get back into it when really it was a game they could have won.

Barton just embarassed Newhall even more by slotting in another 3 goals to make it look like a rout but realistically Newhall should have done a lot better. It's yet another game to put down to a bad day at the office, but the players need to reassemble their commitment and cause for the club in the last 3 games otherwise they will find it even more difficult to bounce back next season against the division 2 teams on this showing today.

Final Score : Newhall 3 Barton Rover Vikings 8

Both Phil and Dave were speechless at the end of the game and although no man of the match was awarded, I would give it to Harry who played the whole game in goal, he did a fantastic job and had it not have been for his bravery and numerous other saves, it could have been a far worse scoreline today.

Maybe this league has been  a step too far for this squad this season but if they are to take any encouragement for next season they must start to turn up for training and the games wanting to play for this club and each other, it is a collective effort for all, the club, it's sponsors, parents, family, coaches, and managers who give their time, effort and money to give them the chance to enjoy the beautiful game.

Next Game: Ashby Ivanoe Away Wednesday 17th April.

Unofficial MOM: Harry

Keep Smiling!


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A fair match report Ron, its like we said its not the scoreline that bothers us its the lack of effort, however it's been a hard slog this year and I'm sure the lads will be in better shape next year in division 2. 

In regards of the man of the match award there's no such thing as a unofficial one

Up the Newhall


Keep the faith 

Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
14 Apr 2013 16:45

Thanks for than Phil, I know there is no such thing as an unofficial one but I gave it in any case!! Let's see what they can do for the remaining 2 games, you never know they might just realise it is all about enjoying the game and not necessarily the scoreline like you say above. I just want them to play for each other again, they are better than this but you do not stand a chance in this league if they don't put the effort in.

Big RonBig Ron
20 Apr 2013 08:28

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