Newhall U13 Lions (0) v Marlborough U 13 (4)

Phil Shakespeare

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Phil Shakespeare
Date filed: 03 Mar 2013

Played: 3rd March 2013




On a lovely crisp morning with the pitch looking remarkably in good condition, Newhall returned to action after yet another break for bad weather conditions, sadly though the break hasn't really done them any favours as they barely shown any attacking prowess today, it was a rear guard action all the way from start to finish.

The positives were there though with only one goal conceded just before half time after a lapse in concentration not from the defence who had handled everything threw at them, but the lack of ability to stop runners into the box from set pieces, this was not the first time this season this had occurred. Half time Newhall 0 Marlborough 1 So changes inevitable with no regular goalkeeper, Luke came out for the second half with Sam replacing him from the centre of defence, regardless of whether Newhall might be relegated this season they have to find a goalkeeper, they cannot play with 2 decent players in goal when they need them outfield, the struggle goes on to find a permanent goalkeeper. With Sam out of the backline it might not be a coincidence they went on to let 3 further goals in, albeit Sam was unlucky with 2 of the 3 scored in the second half, their was a clear lack of challenges going in which allowed Marlborough to dominate possession and pick their passes out. Final Score Newhall 0 Marlborough 4

The coaches summed up with reminding the team that the game was lost in the second half but could have been worse had they not defended so well, more so in the first half than the second it has to be noted. They played some good football from time to time but without troubling the Marlborough goalkeeper, which was disappointing, and they were more relaxed on the ball, and hopefully this will be all they can go on to do for the remaining games and forget about their position in the league and who they are playing. They have the ability and team spirit to go on and do better things even if they have to regroup in Division 2 and go again. Liam was given the man of the match award for his continued good defending throughout, he came under constant pressure and certainly knew he had been in a full game after missing a few through injury, he intervened on several occasions at the right time and never panicked on the ball.


Man of the Match: Liam Next Game: Friendly Woodville Rangers (Away) Sunday 10th March




Ron Evans-Brookes

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