Newhall U7 Lions (6) v TS Sports (1)

Graham Earp

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Graham Earp
Date filed: 25 Feb 2013

Played: 23rd February 2013

The two teams from Newhall met up for the first time at this age group in what became the best performance the Lions have put in so far.

Starting from the very first minute, all the players pressed high into the oppositions half which resulted in the Lions having all the play in the first half with TS Sports struggling to contain a group certainly enjoying there return to action after the bad weather break.

Tommy was captain for the game and like all others before him made captain he certainly excelled in it. With his new boots on show, he set out to set the example for all his team mates.

We pressed all half and deserved far more than the one goal we actually managed to get. We got into some good positions but came up against a keeper for TS Sports who made some very good saves.

Shortly after a penalty was missed for us as Tommy struck the foot of the post before the rebound went over the bar. Tommy did not let this effect his game and continued to press and his shot was saved well by the keeper before the first goal of the game was managed to trickle over the line from the rebound from a overjoyed Logan.

The whole team performed brilliantly with Callum being the line of defence we needed which saw Jenson in goal not having anythign to do in the first half as everytime TS Sports got away, Callum broke the play up and put it forward again for the attackers to try and score again.

Logan was buzzing around the pitch, putting his shots in and putting his tackles in.

The second half saw the introduction of Daniel who again put in some crucial tackles and was really unlucky not to get his first goal as a cross came over late on which he just missed out on connecting with, but was not in vein as was put in at the back post.

The second half did provide Jenson with some shots to contain with and he performed really well as usual between the sticks pushing a shot wide and making key interventions when needed. He was very unfortunate not to keep hold of a shot which was struck with good power which he got most of his body behind but it just trickled over the line.

The Lions did not let up though in the second half and continued to put in a great performance with a high workrate and the goals were rewarded in the end.

Logan got another goal to his name and Tommy scored a couple with one being probably the goal of the season so far with a run and shot which went into the roof of the net.

A great performance on our return to action and everyone should be very proud of how you are developing. All are enjoying there football which can be clearly seen from the sidelines with all working hard together. The working together certainly shows us we are developing a good team spirit which is always very difficult to break down.

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Well done lads ! The team is really working together now ! :) 


16 Mar 2013 08:48

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