Newhall U7 Lions (3) v Stretton Eagles (2)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 24 Feb 2013

Played: 2nd February 2013

A truly entertaining game was encountered today with the phrase 'end to end' being very applicable.

All players were glad to be back in action and the starting five were very quick in pressing the Stretton Team back.

Shots were flying in and tackles were being made nicely.

The team is really starting to play well together now and have gelled into a good team who work hard for each other which will be a great strength for us going forward.

Jenson performed heroically back in goal and all the other players really enjoy him being in as he certainly provides us with a hard opponent to beat.

Noah provided his normal high energy display, providing surging runs up and down the pitch and spraying passes out brilliantly. His performance deserved the goal he managed to get and he was unlucky not to add another later in the game with a long distance shot which was struck with great power which just went wide of the post.

Daniel is turning himself into a fantastic little defender. He is certainly not scared of putting his foot in anymore and puts himself up against size of player and kicking the ball forward to the attackers.

Freya was made captain today and she put in what has been her best ever performance. The captains armband seems to give any player who has it that extra bit of spark and Freya was no different. She was getting her tackles in and put some passes in to the others in the opposition half.

Callum brings in some bite to the team and certainly isn't afraid of putting his foot in and tackle hard.

Logan's energy levels always seem to amaze me. He runs around constantly, putting his tackles in, spraying his passes and making as many shots as he can. He again came away with a much deserved goal to his name.

Tommy again put in a fantastic performance which was full of energy and skill. He is finding a knack to being at the right place both at the back and further forward. He makes crucial tackles when it looks like the opponents are going to get a shot in. He is full of confidence with his dribbling which wnables him to get out of some tricky spots. He also is starting to get his shooting boots on and he managed to find the net once and was unlucky not to find it more often today.

A great performance by all our players which was certainly matched by a good opposition which i think all the people watching really enjoyed.

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