Newhall U7 Lions (5) v Midway (0)

Graham Earp

Match report by

Graham Earp
Date filed: 13 Nov 2012

Played: 10th November 2012

Following on from the good performance we saw last week the Lions were up against a Midway team which had a bit of rivalry involved due to the transfer of Tommy from Midway to us at the start of the season.

This week saw the Captains armband going to the birthday boy of the week Callum who was jumping for joy with being given the task. He battled well throughout the game making some key challenges throughout the game following his return from holiday last week.

The newly purchased goalkeeping gloves were given to Noah this week for his first taste of going in goal. He performed brilliantly saving numerous shots with hands and feet. He was also great at breaking the Midway attacks up by coming off his line quickly to make crunching tackles.

Jenson came out of goal this week after some great performances between the sticks. He got straight into his new found role in the defence and made some surging runs forward putting some good shots in on the Midway goal. His persistant came good in the end as he started the scoring off with his first goal of the season from a very tight angle.

Freya started the game this week and put in another good performance and getting some good tackles in against the opposition players like she does in training.

Tommy was the other starter this week who playing against his former team mates tried really hard with his dribbling and constant surges up the pitch. He tired during the game after his recent illness and was gutted to be coming off as wanted to continue playing against his old team.

Off the subs bench this week saw great energy and performance as goals continued to be scored.

The flying boot of Logan had everybody watching themselves as he continued to power shots in on goal and his boot flying off at the same time. His boot very nearly flyed into the top corner at one point which he found very amusing!!

He did manage to find the goal himself this week and was told by his mum that he was full of beans for most of the day (and so he should of been!).

Daniel continues to improve each week and is getting more involved week by week and got another couple of great tackles in and kicks forward up the pitch.

Great performance kids. You should be very proud of yourselves. Keep up the good work.

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Great to hear again the updates on the young Lions and very well communicated by Graham given the constraints of reporting on these U7 non competotive games .

Mark AdamsonMark Adamson
14 Nov 2012 06:46

Good stuff !

Phil ShakespearePhil Shakespeare
14 Nov 2012 14:50

Great report Graham!

Lee CantrillLee Cantrill
15 Nov 2012 21:40

At last I'm on and I can see all the wonderful things that had been written about the lad :) fantastic game last Saturday Logan still tells us every night what a fantastic match it was :) keep up the good work lads ;)

16 Nov 2012 11:39

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