Become a Coach or Helper


Newhall FC recognise that developing an effective, skilled and supported workforce within our club will help us to ensure that the club becomes sustainable and remains successful.  We acknowledge that providing clear roles and responsibilities that are recognised valued and rewarded by the club and the wider community, is crucial in maintaining their involvement and keeping them motivated.  All Newhall FC volunteers are carefully selected and supported by the club and undertake an FA enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

The health, safety, welfare and moral education of the children we coach remain our first priority, before the achievement or reputation of any coach, or the club.  All Newhall FC Coaches and Assistants are carefully selected.  Maintaining a balance between a proper desire to win, and the need to exhibit a high standard of ethical behaviour, presents a challenge to team managers.  It is natural that winning is what every coach strives for and our Respect Codes are not intended to restrict that, as doing our best to help our players to win is a perfectly legitimate objective.  However the codes call for our coaches to disassociate themselves and our club from a ‘Win-At-All-Cost’ attitude or behaviour. 


If you would like to become a coach at Newhall FC then contact our secretary via the contact us page.


Parent / Carer Volunteering Opportunities.


The club is run entirely by members on a voluntary basis and we are always looking for more people to help.  Helping out is a great way to get to know us and to contribute to the club’s development and you do not necessarily need to know anything about football.   We realise how precious time can be – we won’t pressure you into taking on more than you can manage.  Even if you can only give one hour a week, we’ll make sure we make good use of your time and skills.

Below are just a few jobs that members can do.

  • Help in organising social event
  • Helping out at our Annual Tournament for a couple of hours
  • Writing match reports for our web site
  • Helping coaches at training sessions or at matches
  • Collecting and recording match fees
  • Coaching a team yourself
  • Helping with fund raising events such as selling raffle tickets or helping with bag packing
  • Arranging transport
  • Attending monthly meetings as a parent representative

There is always something to do at a club this size………don’t stay home or in the car whilst your child is enjoying the football – come and get involved, there’s plenty to do.  There’s more than one way to support your footballer.


If you would like to become a parent / carer volunteer then please contact our secretary at our contact us page.



The FA

Newhall FC are a Football Association Charter Standard Club.
Affiliated to the Derbyshire County F.A. since 1978.